How to cook bacon on the BBQ

May 18, 2021 - Published by

At Edwards we love BBQs and the opportunity to get cooking outside with some big flavours, one question we get asked is: How do you cook bacon on the BBQ?

How to cook bacon on the BBQ

We think the best and easiest way to cook bacon on the BBQ is to use a cast iron skillet. If you’ve tried cooking bacon directly onto the grill, then you will know some of the pitfalls – it can cook really quick and it can get stuck pretty easily. Here are our easy steps to follow:

  1. Warm the cast iron skillet on a hot BBQ
  2. Put in some cooking fat – we like using vegetable oil as it copes better at higher temperatures
  3. Cook until crisp but not over done, ensuring the meat is cooked throughout

*Instead of a cast iron skillet you can use an old pan, just ensure there are no plastic or wooden parts, which could melt or catch fire. Please also handle the pan with extreme care with adequate protection for your hands from the hot handle and BBQ.

How about wrapped?

Another way to cook bacon on the BBQ – which can be really fun and creative – is to wrap the bacon around a filling of your choice.

Popular wrapped bacon fillings include asparagus, dates, sausage and chicken. Some more creative options include peaches and cheese, pineapple, pork tenderloin and onion rings.

For simplicity and shear deliciousness we think you can’t beat asparagus wrapped in our dry cured oak smoked bacon. We teamed up with blogger Adam Shaw to create his New Season Asparagus Wrapped in Oak Smoked Dry Cured Bacon read the recipe here.

Whatever option you choose, please always ensure that meat is cooked thoroughly and at the appropriate temperatures.

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