Product Quality

Quality is the most important part of “The Edwards Way”. We have a unique combination of skills within our dedicated team and each member has learnt to become a quality expert from the ground up; from sourcing the best ingredients to quality checking and of course…taste testing! Read on to learn more.

Who we are...

Our reputation for producing high quality convenience meat products has been established for over 35 years and is at the very heart of everything we do.

It all started when our founder Ieuan Edwards, one of three sons born on a family farm in Llanrwst (North Wales), realised that unfortunately the farm wasn’t big enough for all three sons to farm it, needing to diversify he decided to become a Master Butcher.

We’ve spent many years growing our dedicated team, honing our skills and passing on “The Art of Butchery” to ensure that every product we produce is of a consistently high quality.

What we do…

To provide our customers with the same high quality of produce you would find in our traditional butcher’s shop, but with the added convenience of it being readily available throughout Wales and the UK.

We pride ourselves on being able to make our products in larger size batches of the same high quality whilst keeping as many of our traditional methods and recipes as possible.

All of this is possible because of the people who work for us, the ingredients we buy, and the close attention we give to quality, consistency and taste.

How we do it…

Once you have the recipe, its then about choosing the right ingredients. We take great care in finding the right suppliers and as we’re still a growing business, we’re able to buy from small scale suppliers who produce using more traditional methods.

When it comes to sausages we source only the finest cuts of Red Tractor British Pork shoulder or tender British Chicken thigh meat. This premium meat gives our sausages the meaty bite and great juicy taste our customers love.

Our Burgers are made using Prime cuts of PGI Status Welsh Beef which is sourced from a local abattoir. This means it has come only from animals born and bred in Wales, who have benefited from our unique climate and landscape.

The Proof…

We’ve won over 200 awards since we started out, including titles such as “Champion for Welsh Butchers”, “Britain’s Best Butcher” and “Best Butchers Shop in Wales” but in pride of place are our prestigious Great Taste Awards, a true mark of unquestionable great taste.

We’re very proud to have been BRC accredited for many years now. This internationally recognised standard covers everything from Food Safety to Sourcing, Production processes & Management practises.

We’re loyal members of several industry specific organisations including IGD, a research and training organisation that helps the food and grocery industry deliver the needs of the public. This helps us develop new, high quality products time after time.