Product Range

We've been making our award winning sausages using traditional methods and high quality ingredients for over 35 years. Our range of flavoured sausages are developed to give a really distinctive taste so you can really taste that unique Edwards flavour. When it comes to sausages we source only the finest cuts of Red Tractor British Pork shoulder or tender British Chicken thigh meat. This premium meat gives our sausages the meaty bite and great juicy taste our customers love.

Our Bacon is made using Red Tractor Pork, traditionally cured by hand, then air dried which we believe enhances the texture and flavour. When it comes to Smoked Bacon we only use oak chippings for a delicious smokey flavour.

Wales has a unique climate and landscape & our luscious Welsh green pastures produce only the tastiest grasses which in turn produce the tastiest, most succulent beef. This means that Welsh Beef has now been granted "Protected Geographical Indication" status due to its unique flavour and properties. Click Here to find out more about PGI Status Meat.

Adults and children will all love these product, they come in bigger packs so so the whole family can enjoy more of that classic Edwards taste.

Brush the dust off that barbecue and invite friends and family around to eat some good food from a proper butcher. These products are perfect for the barbecue, rain or shine.

Christmas is the time for indulging your family with Traditional Butcher’s fayre. Our seasonal range is a convenient and simple way to add something special to your parties & celebrations. You'll usually find these products in stores during December but you'll need to be quick, they are only available for a short while.